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The Lord saved me

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:26 am Post subject: The Lord saved me Reply with quote

I would like to share my experience of devoting myself to the various practices of the East, show the dangers associated with them and show the way out of them.

It started with the fact that one day I was invited to transcendental meditation. This experience made a very strong impression on me. I became convinced that thanks to this technique I am entering the path of inner life again. So I completely threw myself - with soul and body - into the whirl of meditation.
Soon, however, I began to feel a mental breakdown. All those who have practiced transcendent meditation know that you cannot sacrifice yourself without feeling its effects. I found myself in a state of a kind of very strong fog.

Both yoga and other Eastern practices are more complicated and complex than you think in Europe or the USA. You have to see their doctrinal foundation, and above all, you have to be clearly aware of their purpose.
The aim of all oriental techniques is to find the absolute, the divinity, to bring about unity, the so-called fusion, which will be discussed later. (...) The pantheistic teaching that everything is God is preached. The border between God himself and creation is blurred. So everything is a manifestation of God: a plant, a chair. You cannot leave it, because it is a closed sphere. It is possible, however, to evolve within this being in which we are stuck (...).
The aversion to the difficult struggle to build one's own personality and to seek an escape into the fusion with nature can be partially understood when one considers the consequences of original sin: our injury, moral weakness, inertia.

The second way - Christian - leads to the strengthening of the person. The personal God has given us the gift of the sonship of God. We are to remain in personal contact with God, our Father. We are called to grow in our childhood of God, remaining in unity not with nature and cosmic energies, but with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

As for me, using different techniques, I followed the first path: the path of natural mysticism. I reached the state of moksa or nirvana.  Thanks to this, I found myself in India, a place where few Europeans ever reach. I went through a very intensive practice and gained various experiences. I could also experience and see where yoga practices really lead - presented to Westerners as completely harmless.

Among all these experiences, something was bothering me and shouting towards you, who is so much wanted. I think you were waiting for me in the heart of this unsatisfiedness. He came to capture me through a completely random circumstance. Well, there were people around the guru whose health was very bad - although the advertisements of the techniques in question emphasized their extremely beneficial effect on health. In fact, the improvement of health is only apparent. In the long run, energy metabolism in cells, the whole metabolism undergoes huge disturbances due to activities contrary to nature. The changes in metabolism do not facilitate physiological life, and the loss of personal consciousness does not help the mental side. Therefore, a psychosomatic breakdown occurs with time.

The guru called on doctors to examine the people around him. One of the people he called was a Christian and mentioned Jesus to me. The sound of His name brought me back to the whole Christian consciousness. It reminded me of a personal God who is not some principle, a cosmic power, but full of love and love calling me YOU.
It was a decisive event in my life. I completely unexpectedly entered the road where Jesus was. He appeared to me as YOU with the Divine dimension, or rather as I, with the Divine dimension, which called me personally, which called me and waited, which came to me speaking: "How much longer do you make me wait?" The Lord has come to me. It was not I who found God, but He came to me.
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