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Guide to play Over/Under throw-in bets in football betting

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2024 2:53 am Post subject: Guide to play Over/Under throw-in bets in football betting Reply with quote

Usually, in important football matches or major football tournaments like the Euro, World Cup, etc., bookmakers often offer additional types of bets, among which Over/Under throw-in bets must be mentioned. This type of bet is considered to bring many opportunities for big wins when participating. However, not everyone knows
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what Over/Under throw-in bets are and how to play them effectively.

Understanding Over/Under throw-in odds
In major football tournaments such as the Euro, World Cup, or Champions League, besides basic types of bets, reputable bookmakers also provide many attractive supplementary bets such as corner kick bets, penalty shootout bets, and Over/Under throw-in bets, which are relatively new.
Throw-in bets are one of the supplementary bets in football betting. When participating in this type of bet, you will need to accurately predict the total number of throw-ins that both teams will perform in the match. Accordingly, bookmakers will provide an average ratio for you to choose to bet on Over or Under. Specifically:
If the number of throw-ins is greater than the ratio provided by the bookmaker, then those betting on Over will win.
If the number of throw-ins is less than the ratio provided by the bookmaker, then those betting on Under will win.
Basic rules of Over/Under throw-in odds in football
Over/Under throw-in odds are a relatively simple type of bet to participate in. However, because it is a supplementary bet and not widely applied, there aren't many experts' opinions on this type of bet. Therefore, to place a bet and win from Over/Under throw-in bets, you must make your own predictions and have the final decision.
When playing Over/Under throw-in bets, players need to regularly monitor the developments on the field of the match. As evaluated, teams in disadvantaged situations always attack intensively to seek goals for their team. Therefore, the ratio of throw-ins and balls going out of play will also be relatively high. If there is an early goal in the match, it implies that the number of throw-ins will also increase.
In addition, when analyzing Over/Under throw-in bets, players also need to pay attention to the playing style of both teams on the field. Typically, tall teams will be very favorable for players to bet on Over throw-ins. Examples include teams like Iceland, Leicester City, and Cardiff City.
However, it cannot be asserted that teams with a short playing style will not have many throw-in situations. On the contrary, in teams where players have fewer touches or lean towards ball control, the number of throw-ins in the match will also be higher.
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Notes to know when participating in Over/Under corner kick betting
To win effectively in Over/Under corner kick betting, you need to pay attention to the following important points:
Note on the timing of Over/Under corner kick betting
The timing of Over/Under corner kick betting will be calculated throughout the duration of the match. This rule will cease to be effective when a team receives the ball from the sideline. Additionally, if no team receives the ball from the sideline, the bet will result in a draw.
Note on the corners counted for betting
In the event a player takes a corner kick incorrectly and retakes the same corner incorrectly, it will still be considered a valid play. In general, all corner kicks on the field will be counted towards Over/Under corner kick betting.
Note on researching team-related information
To accurately predict when playing Over/Under corner kick betting, players need to pay attention to researching and assessing important information. This includes goal-scoring ability, the list of players on the field, the history of matches between the two teams, etc.
These are all crucial pieces of information that help players determine which team is favored and which team is the underdog. With this knowledge, betting on Over/Under corner kicks becomes more accurate.
Note on choosing to play at reputable bookmakers
The final note for players is to search for and choose to play soccer betting at reputable bookmakers. Reliable and quality betting sites will help players avoid unnecessary risks when playing. Additionally, all player information is highly secure, so players can fully trust the experience.

Above, Wintips has shared
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all the relevant information regarding Over/Under corner kick betting. Hopefully, this knowledge will assist you in your betting journey. Good luck!
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