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The Age of Politics
Date: Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:54 am
Topic: Christian Viewpoint

We are in the midst of the election season for the presidency and it is a very interesting and provocative list of candidates in the Republican Party. Who should get our vote? Will the media dictate which candidate rises to the top or will we vote based on credentials and conscience?

This is a great time for voters. Democrats have a more narrow selection in which to choose from and that may be a good thing, and perhaps it is a bad thing. For the republicans they have a very diverse group of candidates to choose from and they will have a hard decision to make. Perhaps you go for looks, or perhaps you go for sound bites, or maybe you make your decision based on more concrete factors. What should democrats and republicans base their vote on? It is quite possible that the selection will be based on what the media thinks is right for both groups. How often do people do their own research on candidates? I imagine that very few actually study the candidate they "like." Usually they go based on how well they did in the media or debates. But can we select a candidate based on such factors that are usually based on shallow aspects of a person. Does it matter if a candidate has a fiery persona or perhaps they are calculated in their responses. I hope during this season of elections the people of this country will make a more thoughtful and decisive decision based on factors such as: ability, consistent belief system, desire to serve, and promote a set of policy that is consistent with the Constitution of the United States. What will you decide?

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