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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:53 pm Post subject: MESSIAH Reply with quote


Gen 3:15:Seed of a woman:Ga 4:4

Gen 12:3:Seed of Abraham:Mt 1:1

Gen 17:19:Seed of Isaac:Lu 3:34

Num 24:17:Seed of Jacob:Mt 1:2

Gen 49:10:From the tribe of Judah:Lu 3:33

Isa 9:7:Heir to the throne of David:Lu 1:32,33

Mic 5:2:Born in Bethlehem:Lu 2:4-7

Dan 9:25:Time for His birth:Lu 2:1,2

Isa 7:14:Born of a virgin:Lu 1:26-31

Jer 31:15:Slaughter of the innocents:Mt 2:16-18

Hos 11:1:Flight to Egypt:Mt 2:14,15

Mal 3:1:Preceded by a forerunner:Lu 7:24,27

Ps 2:7:Declared the Son of God:Mt 3:17

Isa 9:1,2:Galilean Ministry:Mt 4:13-16

Deut 18:15:A prophet:Acts 3:20,22

Isa 61:1,2:To heal the brokenhearted:Lu 4:18,19

Isa 53:3:Rejected by His own people - the Jews:John 1:11;Lu 23:18

Ps 110:4:Priest after the order of Melchizedek:Heb 5:5,6

Zech 9:9:Triumphal entry:Mk 11:7-11

Ps 41:9:Betrayed by a friend:Lu 22:47,48

Zech 11:12:Sold for thirty pieces of silver:Mt 26:15

Ps 35:11:Accused by false witnesses:Mk 14:57,58

Isa 53:7:Silent to accusations:Mk 15:4,5

Isa 50:6:Spat upon and smitten:Mt 26:67

Ps 35:19:Hated without reason:John 15:24,25

Isa 53:5:Vicarious sacrifice:Rom 5:6,8

Isa 53:12:Crucified with malefactors:Mk 15:27,28

Zech 12:10:Pierced through hands and feet:John 20:27

Ps 22:7,8:Scorned and mocked:Lu 23:35

Ps 69:21:Given vinegar and gall:Mt 27:34

Ps 109:4:Prayer for His enemies:Lu 23:34

Ps 22:17,18:Soldiers gambled for His coat:Mt 27:35,36

Ps 34:20:No bones broken:John 19:32-36

Zech 12:10:His side pierced:John 19:34

Isa 53:9:Buried with the rich:Mt 27:57-60

Ps 16:10;49:15:To be resurrected:Mk 16:6

Ps 68:18:His ascension to God's right hand:Mk 16:19;1 Cor 15:4;Eph 4:8
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