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Share experience to play Handicap throw-in betting

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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2024 7:27 am Post subject: Share experience to play Handicap throw-in betting Reply with quote

Handicap throw-in betting is a type of side bet with relatively high reward odds. Due to its significant difficulty, the chances of winning with this type of bet are not very high, leading to bookmakers offering enticing rewards. This type of bet is suitable for those with ample betting experience and a daring attitude. It not only requires thorough research but also a stroke of luck. Let's go through some basic information
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about this type of bet with Wintips to provide you with the most accurate insights and evaluations when making your selection.

What is handicap throw-in betting?
Handicap throw-in betting is a bet predicting the difference in the number of throw-ins between two teams in a football match based on handicap odds. It's a type of side bet in Asian handicap, similar to betting on goals.
In this type of bet, bookmakers assess the situation of both teams and provide a handicap odds. There are options for the upper and lower handicap; the upper team handicaps the lower team with a certain number of throw-ins. Depending on the match result, reputable bookmakers determine which side wins.
Usually, bookmakers don't offer these odds for every match; only fiery matchups that attract significant attention are eligible for handicap throw-in betting.
If you fancy this type of side bet, you can invest time in analyzing the odds. Apart from handicap betting, there's also the enticing over/under bet, favored by many players. However, keep in mind that this bet is not as easy to win as other main bets.
Is handicap throw-in betting difficult, and why?
The answer is exceedingly difficult, almost unimaginably so. Unlike predicting the handicap odds for goals, the number of throw-ins in a match is substantial, and the scenarios leading to these actions are diverse.
The basis for accurately predicting bookmakers' odds on throw-ins is also incalculable. Besides relying on the teams' playing styles, there are also on-field situations, each team's strength, goal-scoring ability, ball possession ability, and ball interception ability. Without meticulous research, predicting inaccurately is highly probable.
Because of this, not everyone can bet on handicap throw-in betting. Only those with ample experience, high betting skills, and daring personalities dare to play. Most beginners are advised to steer clear of handicap throw-in betting. Despite its high reward odds, the risk of losing capital is also considerable.
Additionally, to predict Asian handicap throw-in bets, you also need to find reputable bookmakers. There are numerous scamming platforms in the market, enticing players into difficult bets to make money. You must remain extremely vigilant to avoid falling into their traps.
How to read handicap throw-in betting in football betting
When offering handicap throw-in bets, bookmakers also provide odds similar to the main odds table. They present comprehensive information, including the team names, upper and lower handicaps, handicap odds, and reward amounts.
The handicap odds in this bet are similar to Asian handicap odds for goals, such as 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1.0, 1 1/4, etc. For level handicap bets, the reward amounts are moderate, while for matches with larger handicaps, the winning odds are higher.
If you win, you'll receive money based on the odds table provided by the bookmaker. The profit is calculated by multiplying the capital by the reward, and when paid out, it includes both capital and profit. For example, consider the following scenario from a match between Manchester United vs. Newcastle in the English League Cup final on February 26th.
The bookmaker offers a level handicap throw-in bet (draw), whichever side you bet on, and that side wins, you win. For instance, if Manchester United has more throw-ins, and you bet on them, you win with a profit of capital x 0.92. For example, if you bet 100k, you win 92k, and the bookmaker returns 192k to your member account.
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See more betting tips at :
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How to play handicap betting on throw-ins at online bookmakers
To participate in predicting handicap throw-in bets at the top bookmakers, visit the homepage. You proceed to register for a member account first and deposit enough funds to bet on football. Firstly, the account creation process will consist of three steps:
Step 1: Click on Register on the homepage of the quality bookmaker.
Step 2: Fill in the required information including Username, Password, Valid phone number, Email, choose Currency unit, enter Agent referral code if any. Note that you should provide genuine personal information for better security, especially in deposit and withdrawal transactions.
Step 3: Submit the filled information and wait for the system to automatically confirm the registration process.
Once you have a member account, you proceed to deposit money to play handicap throw-in bets. Bookmakers offer various deposit methods such as Bank transfer, E-wallet, Cryptocurrency, Scratch cards, etc. Choose one of these deposit methods and follow the instructions. Finally, access your favorite sports hall and select a match to play throw-ins.
Experience in handicap throw-in betting from top gambling experts
To succeed with this type of risk-based bet, you must truly focus and be diligent. Guidance from experts will help you know when to bet accurately.
Analyze the number of throw-ins in the last five matches
This is certainly information you cannot ignore if you want to accurately predict throw-in bets. Look at the number of throw-ins in the last five matches of both teams, how they differ to consider the handicap odds. If you don't know where to find match statistics, you can access Wintips which has compiled comprehensive information.
Understand the playing style of each team
The playing style also affects the number of throw-ins for both teams when competing on the field. For example, a team that prefers counterattacking defense will surely have more throw-ins as they need to clear the ball, meaning the number of throw-ins for the opposing team will be higher. For teams prioritizing attack, retaining possession is crucial, so they won't give the opposing team many chances for throw-ins.
Based on the difference in strength
The strength of both teams reflects the situation on the field in the future. Stronger teams rarely let the ball go out and are willing to attack and score goals. Weaker teams, on the other hand, are tense and have to constantly intercept the ball, making it easy to understand why they throw-ins frequently. Therefore, the stronger team will have more throw-ins than the other team.
Carefully study the odds table to understand the bookmaker's betting lines
Finally, don't forget to thoroughly research the odds table of the bookmaker. They also have to base it on many factors to offer such odds. If you understand the hidden information deeply, your chances of accurately predicting the outcome are very high.

Handicap throw-in betting is not easy, it requires superb betting skills from you. Study carefully before betting and choose the best match for yourself. Don't overlook the
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from top gambling experts to increase your chances of winning.
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