Skills are an important part of The Division 2
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#1: Skills are an important part of The Division 2 Author: mmocs PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:10 am
Today, Ubisoft Massive released a new update for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 fixing its biggest big that was essentially breaking the usage of skills in the looter-shooter. More specifically, the bug that was causing skills to immediately destroy themselves and go on a 15 second cooldown has been pinpointed and addressed with the new update. However, in a new forum post, the game's Community Manager warns the problem may still linger for some, but come the end of the week it will be completely eradicated.

According to a post on the Ubisoft forums from community developer Chris Gansler, a temporary solution to the issue has been introduced by reducing lengthier cooldowns on skills should they fail. However, some players report being left hanging by the 15-second window that still exists in this instance, saying that the cooldown window is still too hefty and can easily mean they lose out in fast moments of gameplay. For some solo players, it’s making the game far more difficult when assist skills are a crucial part of gameplay.

Many Division 2 players are reporting a bug that causes their skills to immediately deactivate and enter a 15-second cooldown. This makes many skills completely unusable, however, the skills Pulse, Chem Launcher, and Firefly appear to be unaffected. The bug seems to have appeared with yesterday's patch, and is not tied to any specific in-game activities. Come to now, you can
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It might be easier to list which Skills do work at this point. In all seriousness, from testing, it appears that Drones and Turrets are a major no-go, while the Chem Launcher can also be a bit finicky. Non-combat Skills, such as Shield and Pulse are a-ok, while Hive, Firefly, and Seeker Mine all vary in terms of their usefulness and whether they work or not.

Skills are an important part of The Division 2 as they allow the player to gain the upper hand against the enemy and can turn the tide of battle in a moment's notice, so long as they are used at the right time. If Ubisoft and Massive are aware of the skill glitch, which the comment from the community manager on Reddit seems to indicate, then it should hopefully be fixed soon.

A timetable has not been given yet by Ubisoft, but Community Developer Chris Gansler assured players that there is indeed a fix coming. On an official Ubisoft support thread, he said, “This is our highest priority right now and we understand how incredibly frustrating it can be.” He goes on to say that he has personally experienced the same issues, so he knows how frustrating it can be. He ends by assuring players that a patch is coming, and that “the dev team is hard at work to fix this.”

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