The Curtain Walls Along with the Description Of The Describe
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#1: The Curtain Walls Along with the Description Of The Describe Author: ahwhglass PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:33 am
Some great benefits of The Curtain Walls Along with the Description Of The Describe Structure
Advantages: light excess fat. In the same section of comparison, the quality with the glass curtain wall is around 1/10 ~ 1/12 of the painted brick wall, marble, granitic facade wet wall 1/15, is a concrete hanging plate 1/5 ~ A SINGLE / 7. General constructing, interior and exterior surfaces are about 1/4 to 1/5 belonging to the total weight of this building. The use of drape walls can greatly reduce the weight from the building, thereby reducing the money necessary for basic engineering. Design overall flexibility, artistic effect, the architect can design based on their own needs a good number of shapes, can show numerous colors, and the around environment, with the light and so on to make the building as well as the natural integration, so that high-rise buildings to lessen the sense of oppression. Drape Walls

Strong seismic capability, the use of accommodating design, wind and seismic volume, is the best alternative for high construction. Scientific construction, systematic construction easier to manipulate the duration, and time-consuming not as long. Modernization can improve the actual construction of new, know-how, such as photovoltaic energy-saving curtain wall, double-layer ventilation curtain outlet and intelligent technology supporting the planning. Update maintenance convenience, because it is built in the external structure of the building, to facilitate its maintenance or update.
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From bulky in order to lighter board and system (natural stone thickness with 25mm, the new content thinnest to 1mm). (There are stone, ceramic plate, glass-ceramic, high-pressure laminates, concrete fiber silk board, magnifying glaas, inorganic glass steel, clay-based board, ceramic plate, metal plate and so on, which are close many types of plates as well as richer colors 60 kinds of plates used in the particular external walls). Higher safety performance. More flexible and also convenient construction technology. Better water resistance, extending the life of the curtain walls (from the closed curtain wall to the open curtain wall). Drape Walls

Environmental protection and energy saving (now Europe and the us construction market is additionally used for the material decorative insulation board, by the color of the aluminum-zinc alloy carved decorative finishes, polyurethane padding layer, glass fiber gauze compound; both decorative as well as insulation energy-saving features, 12-15 years without fading, the service life of as much as 45 years. Curtain Walls

Curtain wall is the external walls on the building, do not bear the same, like the curtain draping up, it is also referred to as the hanging wall, can be a modern large and high-rise houses with decorative effect with the light wall. By the actual structural framework and mosaic menu composition, does not assume the leading structure of the load as well as the role of the developing envelope. Curtain Walls.

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