How you can Rather quickly Determine Security Glass?
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#1: How you can Rather quickly Determine Security Glass? Author: ahwhglass PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:25 am
Safety glass is usually a form of glass that has a somewhat higher safety issue and is extensively employed in vehicles, airplanes, buildings, doors and windows, and curtain walls. The security glass stated in our day-to-day existence is usually known as tempered glass, that's the glass on the ordinary unique glass reinforced by a tempering furnace, and also the stress with the surface is qualitatively enhanced.

With the raise while in the utilization of security glass, the solution kind launched through the deep processing of glass has also begun to diversify, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of selection for customers. So, how should we determine the superior quality of security glass?

1. The most valuable and most secure system could be to see if there exists a 3C certification mark over the security glass. Since according to rules, 3C certification mark has to be about the safety glass.

2. By listening, that is to say hitting the glass by hand, when the
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emits a crisp sound, then the glass is tempered glass, and vice versa is ordinary glass.

3. The use of polarizers means that tempered glass can see colored stripes about the edge of the glass by means of the polarizer, and when viewed around the surface from the glass, black and white spots may be seen. The polarizer might be identified in the camera lens or glasses. Observe the adjustment within the light supply throughout observation so that its simpler to observe.

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