All the Spurs needed to do NBA Live 18
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#1: All the Spurs needed to do NBA Live 18 Author: mtnba2k PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:11 am
Manu also set up Danny Green on his record-breaking 23rd 3-pointer of the series. He finished the
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series with 27.It was just one of those games for Miami:GAME 6Facing elimination against one of the league's all-time great teams -- precisely the kind of group that wouldn't shy away from the pressure of the moment --

Miami needed a charge of energy in Game 6. And, as expected, it came from LeBron James ... or, well, his headband.In a truly special game that embodied everything great about playoff basketball, the guys expecte to rise to the occasion -- LeBron, Duncan, Ray Allen -- all did. Miami's 103-100 overtime victory stands as an immediate classic, the kind of game you're just happy to have taken in.

Things started like usual with both sides taking punches through a matrix of chaotic adjustments. But then Mike Miller lost his shoe, threw it into the crowd, completely ignored what had just happened, instead throwing the crowd into a tizzy with this shot:Weird, you say? That was nothing compared to what happened to LeBron sans cranium accessories.And yet, despite LeBron's brilliance, San Antonio still seemed positioned to win the game.

All the Spurs needed to do was get one final stop and get ready to cele- WAIT DON'T LET JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH SHOOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!!?!?!?!Jesus. Freaking. Shuttlesworth. 'Nuff said.When the Spurs attempted their own magical finish in overtime, San Antonio's modern-day Shuttlesworth found a fistful of Bosh:Foul?

Maybe, but the refs made it clear during the prior 52-plus minutes that
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whistles would go silent on borderline calls so seeing a non-call on this play wasn't remotely surprising.Game 7So we were down to Game 7, the first time the NBA season had come down to a decisive final game since 2005 and only the third time since 1990.

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