Job, Sin and Sickness
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#1: Job, Sin and Sickness Author: lesjude PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:42 am
Satan afflicted Job. He only had the general right because of sin coming in through Adam and Eve. There was NO other reason Satan could come before the throne to ask to tempt Job to sin. He really thought Job was a sinner and would prove his true nature. Read Job chapters 1 and 2 please.

Do not miss one of the MAIN points of the book. Job's friends contended that no man could be made righteous before God by any means. Job contended he was righteous by grace through faith in His redeemer Christ which Job states.

Satan is the god of this world and it was Satan who afflicted Job, not God. Satan can do NOTHING to a believer without God's say so. God in His GREAT mercy even stays the hand of Satan on behalf of the unsaved. In this case it was God exercising His determinative control. Job called on God for deliverance and healing and did not run off to the arm of the flesh. By trusting God ALONE he defeated Satan's assertion, defeated Satan as the source of sin and sickness, and did not sin against God. Job was declared right by God in his contention that a man can be righteous by grace through faith in Job 42:7, was given more authority and power with God 42:8, healed, and MORE than restored.

Job was rebuked by God in Job 38 and 39 for not rejoicing in his trial see James 1:2-4, not behaving as James 1:19-12 says to in trials, and not recognizing the TOTAL and COMPLETE sovereignty of God to do what He wishes with His people for His glory and their good.

Please tell me why it is that if God gives His children a loathsome affliction to make them better Christians run off to the arm of the flesh calling it 'faith' to seek 'healing' and be rid of it spending thousands and then not be rid of it but drugged to live with it. Really!! The Bible no where teaches dualism i.e. trusting God and the arm of the flesh for any promise God has made to His people. In fact the very opposite. No one in the NT EVER went to the medical system for a physical issue, sought their advice, or referred anyone to them; not Jesus (use and referrals), not Paul, not Epaphroditus, not Trophimus, not Luke and all had occasion. Those that sought to the physicians in the OT did not end well.

All the medical system today does is do enough to keep sinners comfortable in their sin which is the ROOT of their problem. It keeps Christians under the LIE that God gives them that system and keeps them in the same sin, UNBELIEF.

The devil comes before the throne and says, if you will allow me to give them this or that physical issue they will PROVE they have no trust in you ALONE to do as your word promises, AND will not avail themselves of your clear method of healing set in the church, James 5:14-15. And guess what?

God can and does use physical issues through Satan to discipline His children when all else fails then heals when they repent. Also they can be used as a teaching/training tool by the Holy Spirit to train a disciple in faith for healing. He started with me allowing and then healing injuries, aches and pains and even severe burns which were healed instantly or very quickly. As we saw Him faithful we became faithful to trust Jesus alone to heal us of EVERYTHING and have now for 35 years. A major aspect of approved character is Bible faith, Hebrews 11:6, that trusts God alone to do as He promises to do within the meaning of SAVE.

MOST will not even consider submitting to any training in this. It is inconvenient, requires some courage, and most of all humbling oneself to do what Romans 12:1 says. Maintaining the right to oneself is the essence of all sin i.e. pride, stubbornness, and willful ignorance. Christians believe they can turn their blood bought bodies over to man's carnal medical system, #3 in cause of death, to be stripped naked, drugged, and cut up. Please explain where in the Bible it even implies this is God's plan for His bride.

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