Astellia pushed out its formal class evolution system
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#1: Astellia pushed out its formal class evolution system Author: mmocheaponline PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:00 am
Today, Astellia will see the introduction of its new Class Evolution system, bringing players who reach level 50 with their characters another way to evolve and play the MMO. The new system will allow players to choose one of three branches to evolve into, giving more variety to each class in Astellia. Detailed in a new post on the Astellia blog, Barunson has broken down the new system for players interested in continuing their journey past level 50. Once players hit that mark, they can choose one of three specializations to move through, converting experience earned into star ranks. Those star ranks show your progression, and will unlock new exclusive abilities with the first and third ranks.

Once a character reaches the fifth star rank, they will unlock a permanent Awakening Skilly for one of their core abilities. Players can freely switch between evolutionary paths but will lose the exclusive abilities and any Exp earned should they choose to switch to a different specialization. Unlocked Awakening Skills, however, will be retained allowing players to further tailor-fit their characters to their preferred playing style. By the way, is the professional
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Players can only choose one of the evolutionary paths presented to them, but they aren't required to stay on that path. Players can swap paths - and their star rank goes with them - if they choose to shake it up a bit, and while the 5 Star Awakened skills will carry over, exclusive skills, EXP and stats will not.

An Assassin for example, who will choose to evolve into Phantom, will gain the Shadow Walk skills, achieving a temporary increase in movement speed, and Shadow Curse which lowers enemy defenses. It will also get the awakened version of Smoke Screen, which will gain the bonus effect of poisoning anyone who enters the area. After choosing another path like Nightblade, or Avenger, the Awakened effect of Smoke Screen will be maintained. All this will allow players to further customize the playstyle lotus.

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