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Evertale Switches to a True Side Scrolling View

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:58 am Post subject: Evertale Switches to a True Side Scrolling View Reply with quote

As Tarsis Falls loads up on drama, melodies and great guitar work in addition to another sublime chorus, which ups the intensity to fist clenching heights. The band uses the trick of repeating the chorus with increased intensity to great effect. They use this in several songs. Here, the second time the chorus is sung with a slight falsetto voice, it delivers a great effect. I also love the ending of the song, where a beautiful interlude fades out and delivers a sombre feeling in touch with the story.

There are a few things on my wish list for updates. Evertales default camera angle gives the player an expanded view of what lies ahead, but this comes at the expense of seeing much of what lies behind obviously a problem if you've passed up some floating coins or a jumping boss lands behind the hero. It's no wonder why Evertales sometimes switches to a true side-scrolling view, and the developers would do well to double check which segments could still benefit from a camera angle switch: notably the first and fourth bosses, and some tree jumping segments in the second level.

Trying to pick out highlights from this beast is nearly impossible, but I feel I can muster the strength to mention a few, despite my face having been melted after hearing this album about 10 times on constant repeat. Apart from the godly opener, "Into The Dragon's Lair" contains enough double-bass assaults and blistering 6-string attacks to sustain 5 minutes of unrelenting intensity. "The Last Knight" has so many memorable sections that every verse feels like a chorus, forcing you to heave your imaginary sword into the air with metal pride. The title-track is a truly beautiful folk-inspired ballad, bearing close resemblance to Blind Guardian's "The Bard's Song". "Brothers In War" features fantastic guest vocals from none other than Primal Fear's Ralf Scheepers (so Evertale clearly have friends in high places. Best and Cheapest
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Kicking things off is the majestic, sweeping intro "Paladine's Embrace". The quality of the synthesized orchestra is far higher than that of any Fairyland or Thy Majestie release, and it introduces a musical motif which you will hear reprised at appropriate points throughout the album. This very fitting intro crescendos towards the greatest power metal song I have ever heard. Yeah, you heard me. "In The Sign of the Valiant Warrior" is the best power metal song ever written (at least in this humble reviewer's opinion). It absolutely explodes out of the speakers with the force of a thousand tons of dragonfire.

Evertale dodges a bullet in the interface department by giving the player a choice between swipe controls and action buttons for the attack and jump functions; you can tell which option I stuck with by the screenshots in this review, and the decision was easy. There's something of a truism building on iOS: if your game is inspired by designs that were implemented with traditional console controllers in the first place, then it's best to give players the option to use a virtual button interface.
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