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Daily Verse
April 15 – So Much to Do!

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

Sorry about the delay in the devotionals. So many projects have come up on Access and at the Church. I could have easily said that it was too burdensome to complete the work God has for me if it wasn’t for the words that John penned so long ago in 1 John in speaking about the commandments of God. He said that they are not burdensome.

And that is true. I only hope that I can distinguish between the good that I am supposed to do, and not the good stuff that is left for another. I am not saying that we should not do good or that in not doing something that we would be doing evil. In other words, if I saw someone hurting a child, I do not have to ask if that is the good that God wants me to do. On the other hand, I may not know if I should teach Sunday school and sing on the worship team. Both are good, but I only have been given so much time. So I need God to teach me to listen to Him; so I can tell which is the good that I should do and that which can be left for another to do. We will not grow weary if we do the good God calls us to do.

Some of you have grown weary, and yet the Bible tells us that Jesus will never leave us. We have all at one time or another gotten tired and just wanted to rest from “church” since we have been so involved in the enterprise and got tired of making the effort. Don’t give up and do not give up on the ministry or church that is counting on you to not grow weary. God indeed may call you to something else, but a warrior is always prepared for battle. Be God’s warrior.

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