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Daily Verse
August 9, 2005 A Dead Prophet

“So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the seventh month.” Jeremiah 28:17

The false prophet Hananiah was dead, the captives in Babylon had still not returned, and words of the false prophets were still spreading. Even though God shows these false prophets to be false, there are still many who listen to them. Many Christians are held captive to the swelling words of false teachers who promise them “wealth and health.” In many ways it is easier to preach and listen to a message of “false hope.”

It is like the patient who knows his cancer is terminal but still wants to hear the doctor tell him it is just the flu.

No one was returning to Jerusalem and Jeremiah was sending a letter that God placed on his heart to write and send.

It was a letter of encouragement, conviction, judgment and destiny. Jeremiah continued to tell the captives and those in Jerusalem that their illness was terminal and even when the prophets, like Hananiah, told them that their captivity would be short and it was getting longer they still refused to hear the Word of the Lord. How long will we listen to false gospels and half truths instead going to the Word of God?

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